Guinea Pig Anti-Fungal Treatments

Guinea Pig Anti-Fungal Treatments

Below is a list of Guinea Pig Anti-Fungal Treatments that may be prescribed by your veterinarian. Please follow the treatment raceme as prescribed by your vet.

Antifungal Agents

Fungal and Yeast can be treated with a variety of products, both topical and oral. Griseofulvin is not included in this list because there are other drugs which are less harsh but just as affective.

Lufenuron (Program)

Recommended dosages vary from 30mg/kg to 45mg/kg to 90mg/kg. Program seems to have a high range of safety. Must be taken with a fatty meal perhaps 1ml of flax seed oil for better absorption.


Oral and Topical anti-fungal agent used primarily to treat oral or intestinal Candidal Infections. Nystatin can be used to treat an overgrowth of yeast in the intestinal tract. Droppings that are soft and look pitted can be tested by a vet for yeast. It is not absorbed systemically when taken by mouth. It even appears to safe in pregnant animals. If given in high doses may cause Anorexia and Diarrhoea. Since it is not absorbed when ingested it is not toxic (toxicity is very rare) though temporary GI stress can result. It is contraindicated in animals that have also shown hypersensitivity. Store at room temperature, in the dark and avoid moisture.

As a topical treatment, it used to treat Candidal (Monilial) skin infections. Nystatin is the principal ingredient in Panalog (other active ingredients: Neomycin and Triamcinolone)


Nizoral – topical shampoo, active ingredients Ketoconazole 2%. The active ingredient is Nizoral is also used as an oral fungal treatment.

Malaseb – Active ingredients, Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2%, Miconazole Nitrate 2%


Monistat – Topical cream, active ingredient Miconazole Nitrate. An effective topical treatment for yeast and fungal infection. Apply cream to affected area.


An oral Anti-Fungal treatment used to treat a wide variety of Fungal Issues. Treats Ringworm, External Fungal Infection and Systemic Mycosis. Treatment consist of 0.5ml/kg body weight twice daily.

Manufacturer Recommends the following treatment calendar

7 Days with Itrafungol
7 Days No Treatment
7 Days with Itrafungol
7 Days No Treatment

guinea pig anti-fungal treatments