Guinea Pig Bottles and Bowls

Guinea Pig Bottles and Bowls

Guinea Pig Bottles and Bowls cleanliness is an important task that everybody seems to hate but must be completed to prevent infestations and infections occurring too your guinea pig and to maintain good health to us.


Before giving your guinea pigs there favourite meal of the day (breakfast – vegetables) the bowls should be cleaned well as like many Guinea Pigs they a known to urinate in there bowls as well as leaving the odd poop in there. This will prevent bacterial growth.  Once all of there vegetables have all gone I would then suggest cleaning the bowls again ensuring they are dried well. Again placing nuggets on top of damp vegetables can lead to bacteria and mould spores to grow throughout the day which your guinea pig could then digest.


Bottles should be cleaned and fresh water given daily. There are many different brands of bottles available on the market I have included there names and images and names below. I personally only ever recommend Biba Bottles by Savic as they have removable spouts which can be cleaned both ends where as other bottles the spouts are attached permanently and if you try to remove them would result in the bottle being broken.

One of the main reasons its good to ensure the spout is clean all the way through is because when your Guinea Pig has the spout in his/her mouth a suction is formed which allows food from there mouth to be sucked back up into the bottle., if the bottle is not cleaned properly mould and fungus spores start to grow rapidly which your guinea pig could digest and lead to illness.

  • Rotastak 500ml Bottle

The two bottles above are the two common bottles available here in the UK. The lids are screwed off the bottle however the spouts are non-removable.

guinea pig bottles and bowls

Biba 500ml Bottle

The bottle above is the Biba bottle by Savic. As you can see by the image above not only does the lid remove but the spout is fully removable which allows you to clean the whole spout successfully. The one let down is that there are not many places in the UK that sell these bottles. They can however be purchased from Amazon.

Bottle Brush

There are many different types of bottle brushes that you can purchase. The best one I have found can be purchased from Pets At Home as they not only clean the bottle but have a removable spout cleaner at the end of the handle.

guinea pig bottles and bowls

Bottle Brush and Spout Cleaner