Guinea Pig Cage Cleaning

Guinea Pig Cage Cleaning

Guinea Pig Cage Cleaning an important task that everybody seems to hate but must be completed to prevent Infestations and Infections occurring to our Guinea Pigs and to maintain good health to us.

I have worked around many people asking questions on how to keep there cages clean and the simple answer is depending on the substrate you use and how often you clean and change it depends on how much cleaning you will have to do, also bear in mind that the chemicals you use will also influence the Cage’s state of cleanliness.

An example of this would be :-

Substrate :- Any

Chemical :- None (Plain Water)

Problem :- Using plain Water with no chemical may lift semi-hard debris from your Cage/Hutch however their is nothing in plain water that would fight against Bacteria,Fungus or Odour from Urine/Faeces. This will give Bacteria, Fungus the opportunity to grow which would lead to further problems down the road. Not just that but odour given off by Urine and Faeces will attract Fly’s and other Insects.

End Result :- Infection from Bacteria and Fungal Spores and Fly Strike which will cause major health issues which if not detected will lead to a serious infestation of maggots and a painful death.

I would recommend using a good brand of chemical safe for the use on Small Animals which have the following benefits :-

  • Bactericidal
  • Fungicidal
  • Virucidal
  • Mycobactericidal
  • Sporicidal

Their are many brands of disinfectant on the market but not all have these benefits. I have provided a table below with images of the chemicals and what they protect against. I have also included some links to websites where they can be purchased from.

AnigeneYesYesYesYesYesNon Corrosive

Once made lasts 6 months
VirkonYesYesYesNoNoCorrosive - Will cause Metal on cages to rust.

Once made will last 7-10 days
"Furry Friends"
By Bob Martin
YesNoYesNoNoKills Germs and Bacteria only.
Clean & Safe
by Johnsons
YesNoYesNoNoKills Germs and Bacteria only.

My cage is really badly stained with urine and calcium, is there anything I can use to remove it that will not hurt my guinea pig?

Yes!. I found the best thing to use is White Distilled Vinegar. Apply some to the effected area’s  and leave to soak in for around 5 minutes. You may notice bubbling/fizzing this is normal it means it biting in to the urine and calcium. Make sure you rinse the cage well then clean with a disinfectant as described above.

Guinea Pig Cage Cleaning

I am currently using Vetbed in my cage, how is the best way to clean it?

I would recommend using a dust buster or hoover to remove the poops. Use a dust pan and brush and remove as much hay as you can (so not to clog up your washing machine). I would then wash it in a washing machine on a 40°C wash with a Non-Biological soap powder and not Biological soap powder as this may irritate your Guinea Pigs Skin.

I have looked online and found a 500ml of anigene however it is around £9 is there a cheaper alternative?

Believe it or not you can purchase a 5 Litre bottle which you can use to fill a 500ml bottle and even place some in a Mop Bucket to clean your floor. Even if you only use it in bottles that would be around 500 bottles of anigene for anything from £20-£30. That is still a massive saving.