Guinea Pig Cardiovascular Medicines

Guinea Pig Cardiovascular Medicines

Guinea Pig Cardiovascular medicines may be prescribed by your Veterinarian if your Vet has diagnosed your Guinea Pig with a Heart Condition. He/She may prescribe an Ace Inhibitor and Diuretic together.

Circulatory Medicines

  • Enalapril and ACE Inhibitors

Respiratory Medicines – Diuretic

  • Furosemide (Lasix)
Enalapril (Enacard), Fortekor, and LotensinEnacard, Fortekor and Lotensin are know as ACE inhibitors and work to lower the blood pressure.

Because of concerns regarding the ability of Enalpril to lead to kidney damage , kidney diameter should be measured prior to Enalapril use, and again 3-7 days after Enalapril therapy has started and then periodically thereafter.

Furosemide (Lasix)This drug can also be taken orally. Lasix removes excessive fluid in the body and lungs through the kidneys and is classed as Diuretic.

Do Not Use if Guinea Pig is Dehydrated or if water is being restricted.

Weakness & Lethargy could be an indicator that the blood potassium has dropped to low. Be sure to inform your vet if you Guinea Pig becomes listless. Because of the increased calcium excretion brought on by furosemide (i.e. an increase in urinary calcium levels) there could be a problem using medication in patients with a history of Calcium Oxalate Bladder Stone Formation.

It is reported that it’s extremely difficult to overdose with this medication.