Guinea Pig Chin Sling

Guinea Pig Chin Sling

Guinea Pig Chin Sling – A Revolutionary New Treatment

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The Guinea Pig Chin Sling is a New way to treat Malocclusion caused by Temporo Mandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) without invasive Dental Work. A large proportion of Malocclusion cases maybe due to TMJ rather then the normal suspected Genetic Misalignment Of The Teeth. After initial filing of the back molars  the Ching Sling helps by

  • Providing Support to the Jaw.
  • Encourages Normal Wear of the Teeth
  • Helps build Muscle.
In all cases this unit must only be used with Supervision of a Trained Veterinarian

Are there any Side Effects?

Yes their are possible side affects surrounding the Chin Sling and they are :

  • If the unit is to tight it may cause swelling of the Conjunctiva however this will go down if the unit is removed or loosened.
  • There can be hair loss from constant wearing however hair will grow back.

How do I purchase a Chin Sling?

Their are two ways on purchasing the Units which are

  • $59.95 US, with the optional choice of the underslip for an extra $5 US  normally sent out within 4-7 days, however if the unit needed urgently then for a further $25 US it can be sent out within 3 days of ordering.
  • $25 US You can purchase the pattern and make the unit yourself.

To order a Chin Sling you will need to contact Ingrid Rice at the following email address :-

She will reply to your email very quickly and will attach a few files which will be :

  • Measuring Chin Sling Guide (If you order Unit Directly from her she will need the measurements of your  Guinea Pigs Head – This shows you how)
  • Chin Sling Warranty US & Liability Disclaimer – This will need printing completing and faxing back to her

guinea pig chin sling