Guinea Pig Dangerous Medicines

Guinea Pig Dangerous Medicines

Guinea Pig Dangerous Medicines are not spoken about enough. Whilst some Veterinarians are knowledgeable about compatible drugs there are many that are un aware of the risk of giving these medicines to our loved pets, in most cases they may make you guinea pig feel unwell where as others can prove fatal and lead to death.

One of the most common mistakes made by Vets is the Antibiotic treatment given to treat common conditions like Urinary Tract Infections, Upper Respiratory Infections. While all antibiotics will affect the gut flora of a guinea pig others will cause fatal enterotoxemia.

All penicillin based drugs are toxic to guinea pigs!.

Amoxicillin (Clavamox) is one that is frequently and mistakenly prescribed by unknowledgeable vets.

Always ensure that your pig is not prescribed any form of Penicillin based drugs. A vet experienced in treating guinea pigs should never prescribe any of these medicines and should be able to provide you with a more complete list of toxic medications or be able to find that information. If not, Find another vet.

A guinea pig that is given any of the following medications orally may require Urgent Medical Intervention.

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Medications To Avoid!

This list includes some of the most deadly antibiotics. Derivatives of these drugs may also cause problems. Using drugs like amoxicillin can make a bad situation worse so it is best to avoid them completely.

Amoxicillin (Clavamox) Cephalexin Clindamycin Oxytetracycline
Ampicillin Cephalosporins Dihydrostreptomycin Penicillin
Bacitracin Cephazolin Erythromycin Streptomycin
Cefadroxil Chlortetracycline Lincomycin