Guinea Pig Dosing Guide

Guinea Pig Dosing Guide

This guinea pig dosing guide will prove very useful to you as a guinea pig owner. At some point you as an owner will need to know how to medicate your pet guinea pig and pulling the correct dosage in to a syringe will be needed to insure that your Guinea Pig receives the correct dosage and not under dosed or worse still overdosed.

There are many sizes of syringe that your Vet may give you. In the case of Medicines the only syringe your Vet should give you will be a 1ml (1cc) syringe. In the case of recovery foods if your guinea pig is unwilling to eat would be a 60ml (60cc). I have included some images and descriptions below and it is best to learn them for future reference.

The image above ^ is a 1cc or 1ml syringe when fully pulled opened.

Readings can vary on the manufacture of the syringe. It may start at 0.01ml or may be 0.02ml (Ask your vet to clarify)

Half Way would be 0.50ml

Normally used for most medications prescribed by Veterinarians.
(Eg. Metacam, Baytril, Septrin)
The image above ^ is a 60cc or 60ml syringe when fully opened.

Reading starts at 2.00ml to 60.0ml

Half way would be 30ml or 30.0ml

This is the best syringe to use for Oxbow Critical Care as the tip of the syringe has a wide opening so that it does not get stuck in the syringe.

Gentle Pressure should be used as hard pressure could cause your Guinea Pig to choke or aspirate on the syringe contents.

To show you how to draw the correct dosage of Septrin in to a syringe I have given an example of the weight of the Guinea Pig, Dosage Of Septrin issued by vet, and finishing with an image of the medication in the syringe which you would give to your Guinea Pig.

The normal dosage of Septrin for a Guinea Pig is 30mg/kg (you would need to give 30mg of septrin per kilo of Guinea Pig Weight. The UK based Septrin averages at 48mg/ml, therefore the working out would be :-

Caramel Weighs 1.131kg

30mg per ml x0.625ml/kg

Total Dosage = 0.70ml Septrin twice daily

guinea pig dosing guide

0.70 Septrin