Guinea Pig Elongated Roots

Guinea Pig Elongated Roots

Guinea Pig Elongated Roots are caused because there teeth are “Open Rooted) and grow continuously. Sometimes the root grows or is pushed into the jaw, resulting in elongated roots.

“An examination of the mouth may give no indication that the condition exists.”

Elongation of the Lower Roots can sometimes be felt as bumps along the jaw line.

Elongation of the Upper Roots may put pressure on the eye causing tearing, bulging of the eye, infection, or other problems.

Possible Symptoms Of Elongated Roots :-

  • Bulging Eyes
  • Eye Discharge
  • Infection Of The Eye & Surrounding Tissue
  • Tearing Of The Eye.
  • Swelling of the Tongue
  • Swelling of the Lips
  • Unwillingness to eat (Anorexia) caused by dental pain.

If your Guinea Pig is suffering from eye discharge which does not seem to clear after treatment with Antibiotic Eye Drops it is recommended that a Dental X-Ray of the Guinea Pig is to be taken before trying any further treatment. I have found many sources where an Eye has been removed due to Continuous Eye Discharge which was later discovered as Elongated Roots.

For any Guinea Pig with suspected Dental Problems, an X-ray is an invaluable diagnostic aid. Some Guinea Pigs in the early stage of this condition can be maintained using the Chin-Sling to encourage normal wear, after first properly filing the teeth down.

Treatment For Elongated Roots

The only viable treatment at present for Elongated Roots is to file down the Cheek Teeth lower then normal to relieve some of the pressure. Future Dental Treatment will be needed and time span is dependant on the time taken for the teeth to grow back.