Guinea Pig Exercise

Guinea Pig Exercise

Guinea Pig Exercise is needed for your guinea pig to stay fit and healthy. Like humans lack of daily exercise can lead to complications like Obesity, Excessive Sleeping (boredom), even heart conditions. Its easy to do and they do not have to be restricted to being indoors even time out in a run in the garden would give them all the exercise they need.

Slowly your Guinea Pig will even look forward to freedom in a nice open space. They will also look forward to this specially if you were to hide a few of their favourite foods around there area.

Putting lots of Tubes, Wooden Balls, Hidey Holes and Beds in this space keeps your Guinea Pig amused and Happy.

Remember – A bored pig is a sad pig

Wheels & Balls

Wheels and Balls similar to Hamster Exercise Toys are NOT suitable for Guinea Pigs under any circumstances.

The reason for this is due to their very thin Legs and big bodies. They will either damage their legs or worse damage their spines.

Out In The Garden

To make your Guinea Pigs floor time more interesting why not put them out in the garden in a nice sized run and let them explore. Again loads of Toy’s and Hidey Holes will keep them amused. There are a few things to consider :-

  • Make sure when you put them in the garden that this is done in a gradual manor (10-15 minutes 1st day, 20-25 minutes 2nd day, 30-40 minutes 3rd day. The reason for this is if you put put them straight out on Rich Grass which they have never had access too this can upset there tummy and cause Gastric Stasis (Bloat) which can prove fatal.
  • Predators – Ensure there are no predators around that will scare or worse hurt your Guinea Pig. This can be Cats, Dogs, Foxes, Birds
  • Never Leave Your Guinea Pig Un-Attended – In an article I have read recently a Lady popped out for a couple of hours down the shops, which when she left was nice a sunny however an 1½ hours later the clouds opened and they had a bad flood. Unfortunately the Guinea Pigs drowned due the water levels rising in the garden and the Guinea Pig had no where to go apart from inside the igloo which it felt was a safe place.
  • Never put the run in an area where other animals may have urinated/pooped on – Again Parasites like Roundworm, Ringworm, Tapeworm and others may be within other animal faeces which your Guinea Pig may walk through then when grooming would infect themselves.