Guinea Pig Fly Strike

Guinea Pig Fly Strike

Guinea Pig Fly Strike (Blowfly Strike) is a very upsetting condition where the Bluebottle or Green-Bottle Fly lay Eggs inside the Guinea Pigs Rectum or any open wound. The Eggs then hatch in to Maggots that proceed to eat the Guinea Pig from the inside.

What do you do about Fly Strike?

Rabbits and Sheep are the ones that suffer more with Fly Strike then Guinea Pigs. But Guinea Pigs can fall victim to this terrible condition which needs to be caught early if the Guinea Pig has any chance of surviving.

What are the Symptoms of Fly Strike/Blowfly Strike?

A Guinea Pig with Fly strike (Blowfly Strike) will appear to be biting at his/her rear end. On closer inspection by the owner at the rear end you will normally find maggots crawling around in and around the Anus.


NEVER attempt to remove the maggots yourself when threatened they excrete a toxin which will prove fatal for the Guinea Pig

The prognosis for Fly Strike is Poor. The Guinea Pig will normally die a painful death within 12 hours of the maggots hatching.

Prevention Is Essential

Are there any Guinea Pigs that may be at a higher Risk of getting Fly Strike?

  • Older, Less Active, Long Haired Guinea Pigs may be at higher risk of getting Fly Strike this is due to the fact they may not groom themselves very well.
  • Sick Guinea Pigs may also be at a higher risk.

What can I do to make try and keep the risk down of my Guinea Pig getting Fly Strike?

There are a few things you can do to help prevent infection, they are as follows :-

  • Check around there Anus and Rump area for any long hairs that may cause a problem and trim where needed.
  • Check for Diarrhoea & Soft Stools and get them checked by a Vet for Treatment.
  • On Hot days check them at least twice a day for any signs of Eggs or Maggots
  • Keep any wounds or sores clean and well dressed
  • You can purchase Rear Guard or Fly Strike spray from many Pet Stores which can be sprayed around the area.

Cover your Hutches with Netting to prevent Fly’s getting into the cage.