Guinea Pig Hand Feeding

Guinea Pig Hand Feeding

Guinea Pig hand feeding is a good thing to know and learn how to achieve as it can prove between life and death of your loved pet. Sick guinea pigs seldom get over illness without human intervention and can decline very quickly.


If your Guinea Pig is suffering from suspected Gastric Bloat it should not be Hand Fed until Torsion or a Blockage has been ruled out.

If your Guinea Pig has stopped eating or has shown little or no interest in food over a 6-12 hour period it is imperative that you seek Veterinarian attention immediately to get to the bottom of the underlying cause and start treating it and it is imperative to start hand feeding to keep the digestive tract moving.

Remember Food is Life!! Food, Water and a Vitamin C supplement are essential to keep your Guinea Pig alive and to prevent Dehydration and to Stimulate Digestive Movement.

When trying to hand feed your Guinea Pig you will need the following items :-

X3 1ml Syringes (As Pictured)

These syringes are made by Braun and are rubber stopper free.

See below for more information.
Braun 1ml Syringe

This can be there pellet food crushed in to powder and mixed with water or one of the following
Recovery Foods which can be obtained from some Pet Stores or Vets

• Recovery Plus by Supreme Science
• Oxbow Critical Care Formula (Recommended)
Oxbow Critical Care

Recovery Plus NEW
Vitamin C Supplement

This can be found as a powder formula which can be mixed with the food
preparation or a tablet like Daily C crushed and mixed the same way.

DO NOT USE a Multivitamin as this can be overdose with the
other Vitamins which can cause other problems.
Daily C NEW
Pro-Biotic Formula

This can be any of the following :-
• Fibreplex by Protexin
• Pro-C by Vetark
Fibreplex NEW


If you are using Oxbow Critical Care Fine Grind then you will generally only need any 1ml syringe due to the fact that it does not get all Thick and Lumpy and will not cause the 1ml Syringe to Block. However if you are using one of the other Recovery Foods Oxbow Critical Care (Green) or Supreme Science Recovery Plus then I would recommend the Braun 1ml Syringe as you will need to cut across the barrel (See Image At The Bottom Of Page)

1st Things first you will need to do decide which type of Food you will be using. They can be as detailed above or there own pellet food crushed down to powder and mixed with small amounts of water to make a syringable consistency.

I always recommend having a bag of Oxbow Critical Care Formula (Green Bag) in the cupboard for urgent times. Here at Guineapig-info all our Guinea Pigs love the taste of Oxbow Critical Care and they like it better if it is slightly tepid and Not Hot as you carry the risk of burning your Guinea Pig in many ways.

How do I make this product up?

Ok here is how I make it :-

If you have one to hand use a Measuring Cup (This are similar to what you get with some medicines) and normally hold around 25ml Fluid.

Do 1 25ml cup of Recovery Food, Do 1 25ml of Hot Water and mix together. Add another 25ml Cold Water and continue to Mix. Then add a further 25ml Cold Water and continue to mix. Depending on the product you are using will depend on how the finished product looks.

Oxbow Critical Critical Care or Supreme Science Recovery Plus will have more of a Glopy consistency. It is recommended to cut across the barrel of a 1ml syringe to prevent it from blocking. I personally recommend using Rubber Stop Free Syringes which are made by Braun and an image of the syringe is above.

You can use normal 1ml syringes however caution should be used and make sure you do not push the syringe to hard that the Guinea Pig could swallow the rubber sucker if you have cut across the barrel.

Oxbow Fine Grind will generally have a Yogurt type consistency which is easier to use on a 1ml syringe without cutting across the barrel.

I am not using a Recovery Food but Pellets mixed with water, How do I make this?

I would recommend starting with around 25-30g of Pellets crushed them down to powder and slowly add water to make a paste like product similar to Oxbow Critical Care/Supreme Science Recovery food.

I have made the mix which is really thick but I can not get it into the syringe, what do I do?

If the product you have made is to thick to pull up the syringe try adding a little more water until it is a little easier to pull up the syringe..

How Do I administer the Food?

Ok. This can prove difficult but it is important to follow these simple steps :-

  • You may need a second person to hold your Piggy while you administer.
  • Never push the plunger with full force as you will push to much product in to your Guinea Pigs mouth which can cause Aspiration and even chock your Guinea Pig.
  • Do Not try and Syringe the full contents of finished product in to your Guinea Pigs stomach as this can cause more problems.

I would recommend only 10-20ml in any one sitting say every 2-3 hours this is safer then overdoing it.

  • Never put your Guinea Pig on it’s back while Hand Feeding or Water Syringing

When trying to administer Food/Water their are three ways to do this. They are as follows :-

  • Recommended  Using a towel wrap your guinea pig so that the only thing showing is the head, this should be quite tight so that your Guinea Pig can not reverse backwards.
  • Put your Guinea Pig on a towel and get somebody to support your Guinea Pig from behind so that they can not reverse back and do a runner.
  • If you are on your own then the other way is Support your Guinea Pigs back legs on your own legs and support there under body by holding them close to your chest say from Left to Right.

Ok to administer the food you will need to aim the syringe in to the Diastema (Side of the mouth where their are no teeth). Gently put pressure on the plunger of the syringe to administer food. Do this VERY slowly and you should see your Guinea Pig chewing on the food. If your Guinea Pig pulls away this could be because the mouth is full. Pause and wait for a minute or two then do the same again.

Continue this until you have managed to administer 10-20ml. Move on to administering water.

weighing daily


Did you know in fact there are many types of Pro-Biotic that can be used to help your Guinea Pig on the road to recovery. Here are the main two in the UK.

  • Fibreplex by Protexin is a 15ml Syringe of paste which is a Carrot Flavoured Pro-Biotic and Fibre Supplement. To administer this to your Guinea Pig you will only ever give them 1ml twice daily.

Never exceed this unless your Veterinarian Advises you to do so.

  • Pro-C which can be purchased from most Pet Stores which is a Powder which can be mixed with water. It contains many ingredients which includes the Following :- Soluble Fibre, Vitamin C , Electrolytes and a Pro-Biotic which will help your Guinea Pig recover.

Administering Fluids

If you are using Pro-C in the water then the best way to do this is to mix ¼ of a scoop provided in the tub with 50ml Water mix well and administer using the 1ml syringe. On the Syringe you will see clear numbers 0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4 up to 1.0. Placing the syringe in the water and pulling the plunger up administer the same way as the Food Syringe. The safest way to administer this depends on the size of the Guinea Pig. If for arguments sake your Guinea pig is over 900g (Adult) then he/she should be able to take 0.1-0.2 at a time.

Do Not try and push the whole syringe worth of water in his mouth as he/she may aspirate on the fluid and choke.

If you can get your Guinea Pig to take say five of these syringes every 2-3 hours this is great as in a 24 hours period that would be 65ml of water.