Guinea Pig Handling

Guinea Pig Handling

Guinea Pig Handling is important as they gentle animals which do have a delicate bone structure. Ensuring you are handling them correctly prevents them from receiving unnecessary injury. Guinea Pigs have a tendency to jump out of your hands specially when you are returning them to their cage.

It is therefore vital to ensure you are handling them correctly and safely to prevent them from receiving injury. Falls and Jumps can lead to Broken Bones, Cracked Ribs and even Death.


Always support the entire body

Wrap one hand securely around the chest. Restrain one front leg by placing a finger in front of it. Use the other hand to support the rump (Bottom and Hind Legs) See image below.


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This hold is particularly helpful with Guinea Pigs that are nervous and may have a tendency to nip and bite fingers when being transported.

Remember – Your Guinea Pig does not like being carried and will be very scared.

Catching Reluctant Guinea Pigs

Sometimes Guinea Pigs will run into beds or cozies, They can then be carefully lifted out and transported to their destination.

If they run in to a Cardboard Tube you could transport them in the tube to their destination but only if :-

“You have a hand over each end of the tube to ensure the Guinea Pig can’t jump or slide out of the tube”


If you have any of the following toys or accessories Do Not Attempt to transport your Guinea Pigs in them from the cage to floor or vies-versa as these are not secure and may cause injury or lead to more fatal consequences.

Warren Tunnel


Handling Pregnant Guinea Pigs

If you have a Pregnant Sow (Female) Guinea Pig handle them as little as possible late in pregnancy so not to injure her or her unborn pups.

Ideally a Box with a folding flap on one side would be suitable. This allows the Pregnant Sow to walk inside where the Side Could be lifted and secured. The box could then be lifted and carried to its destination and placed down. The Flap lowered and left so that the female can venture on out and explore.