Guinea Pig Hay Storage

Guinea Pig Hay Storage

Guinea Pig Hay Storage is an important thing to consider which will keep your hay fresh, moisture free and parasite free. It also ensures your Guinea Pig remains in good health.

Your Storage Area Should Be :-

  • Dry
  • Free From Rodents
  • Off The Ground (Provides adequate Air Circulation)

Hay must be kept dry. Excessive moisture can encourage the growth of moulds that are damaging to Guinea Pigs Health. Leaving Hay in Plastic Bags are only safe/practical if the moisture content of the hay excessively low. Ideally you need to choose a place free of Rodents, out of Direct Sunlight, and off the ground.

Exterior Hay Storage

Leaving hay exposed to the air (but not rain) allows the moisture content to be affected by the atmospheric humidity. You can tell if External Humidity is going to cause a problem if mould grows in shady areas of your Garden/Yard. In certain times of the year the Humidity may be acceptable (Winter). Also bear in mind that Outside Storage increases the risk of Contamination from Mice/Rats.

Closed Container Storage

In order to store Hay outside in a enclosed container, it must be thoroughly dried. This can be achieved by keeping it in an Air-Conditioned, De-humidified space until the moisture content has dropped significantly. An Air-Tight container will slow the Outside Humid Air from reaching it if it is not being accessed too frequently.

Interior Hay Storage

In a conditioned interior space, you may find a storage bin handy for day-to-day use.

I myself use a 20kg Air Tight Food Container to store my Guinea Pigs Hay which keeps it fresh as the day I purchased it. Remember when purchasing Small Pet Shop Hays it is very tightly packed so when I put the hay in to the Food Container I always shake the hay around in the tub which A) makes the hay go further B) Keep in the coolest room in the house Stops heat from causing sweat which in turn would lead to the production of mould.

guinea pig hay storage

Storage Container 2

guinea pig hay storage

Storage Container 1