Guinea Pig Hutches

Guinea Pig Hutches

Guinea Pig Hutches can be a nightmare when shopping around as there are so many different types and sizes and trying to choose one can be tough. A lot of people seem to ask the same question “Should I get a single tier or two tier”

I have designed this page to be informative and try and answer as many questions that you may have. If your question is not listed then drop me an email and I will try and answer as quick as I can.


guinea pig hutches

Single Tier

guinea pig hutches

Two Tier

Looking around on the Internet there are many different views on this question. However my personal View and what I believe is recommended in general is only to keep your Guinea Pig’s in a Single Tier Hutch. There are many reasons for this which I have listed below which I believe you should take this in to account when purchasing your Outdoor Hutch.

  • Guinea Pigs are not Natural Climbers therefore will normally avoid the Ladder at all costs. This in turn may lead to your Guinea Pig spending a lot of its time in the sleeping compartment as it is too scared to approach the Ramp/Ladder.
  • Guinea Pigs have been known to full down the hole and injure themselves. (Breaking There Legs when they hit the base of the cage).
  • Guinea Pigs may fall of the Ladder when they are either going up or down the ladder (If your Guinea is Brave enough to venture to the edge of the ladder).
  • In General there is always Cold & Dampness coming up the Ramp Hole which in turn could lead to illness any think from a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection), to Pneumonia and even Death if the owner is not doing regular Health Checks.
  • Two Tier Hutches tend to be Quite Heavy and awkward to move. This means the owner may struggle to move the hutch in poor weather conditions to a sheltered area. This in turn can lead to illness of your loved pet.
  • If the Two Tier hutch you have found is open bottomed (i.e. When the hutch is put on the grass the Lower Level is directly on the grass) I would generally recommend Avoiding This Type of hutch. There could be quite a few reasons for this. My main Reason for this is that in the Damp Weather the Grass being very damp could in turn lead to Bloat (Gastric Stasis).

How Big does my Hutch have to be, to be suitable for my Guinea Pigs?

I would recommend a Hutch a length of at least 150-160 cm’s for two Guinea Pigs. From Back to front should be at least 60 cm’s, and Height from Base to Roof should be the same. Although Guinea Pigs do not Hop like Rabbits they do Popcorn so need a little room to fulfil that task.

I would normally say the bigger the hutch the better it is.

A Few More Things To Remember :-

  • Make sure you get a Hutch made with Good Quality Solid Wood (Many Predators would love to get hold of your loved pet)
  • Make sure your Hutch has a Suitable sized Cover (Hutch Snuggle) to keep your Guinea Pigs away from severe wind and cold, to prevent catching URI’s and Pneumonia.
  • In server Cold Weather (Temperature reaching anything under 5 Degrees Celsius) try moving the hutch to a protected location like a Conservatory, Shed or Unused Garage (Not one that has a vehicle going in and out of due to the poisonous fumes doing your Guinea Pigs Health no good.
  • Have a Solid Wooded Run so that your Guinea Pigs can have at least 4 Hours a day playtime.