Guinea Pig C&C Cages

Guinea Pig C&C Cages

Guinea Pig C&C cages are becoming a new cage alternative to the normal indoor cages that you purchase from pet stores. What’s more they can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. So what does C&C stand for? C&C Stands for Cage Cubes and Coroplast” Cubes being the metal grid system put on the outside of the Plastic Coroplast Base.

Quantity Of Guinea Pigs Size Of C&C Cage Needed
2 2 X 4
3 2 X 5
4 2 X 6

Please bear in the mind these sizes are the smallest size cage required to house your Guinea Pig but in fairness the bigger the better and the Happier & Healthier your Guinea Pig would be.

Benefits Of The C&C Cage

  • More Room – Which means more room for your Guinea Pig to Exercise. Guinea Pigs need plenty of exercise and things to do so giving them a spacious cage along with floor time and time in the Garden ensures that they remain Happy & Healthy.
  • More Room For Furniture – How would you fit Beds, Cosys, Litter Trays and Tubes in to Store built cages?. The simple answer is you couldn’t, there is just not enough room. With C&C cages you have the room and then some.
  • Much More Fun – For you the Guinea Pig owner to sit back and watch your Guinea Pig running around and pop corning.
  • Less fighting – It has been proven that Guinea Pigs need their own space to prevent them from fighting, probably more so if you have 2 boars (Males) housed together.
  • Cheaper To Buy – In fact the C&C cage is a fraction of the cost of a Shop Purchased cage. Shop Purchased cages start from around £60 upwards yet for the same price you could purchase a C&C cage to house twice the amount of Guinea Pigs.
  • Easier To Clean – In fact C&C cages are so much easier to clean then Shop Purchased cages. You can simply remove the cage accessories wash down the coroplast with diluted white/clear vinegar then disinfect with an animal safe cleaner then place the lining toys an beds.

Questions & Answers

Where can I buy the equipment needed to make a C&C Cage?

It is very difficult here in the UK to buy the materials of the high street to make a C&C cage. However all is not lost, their are plenty of websites available where you can order your C&C cages from.

How do I prevent leaks from my Cage Base?

I would recommend Heavy Duty Clear Tape to line the joins in the coroplast. Ensure you tape the outside of the coroplast to stop your Guinea Pig chewing on it.

How often should I replace the coroplast?

Simply you should not have to if it is maintained well. It should last years if cleaned regularly enough and not nibbled by your Guinea Pig(s).

What is better Cubes & Coroplast or just Coroplast on its own?

This in my view is personal preference. Bear in mind it needs to be sturdy enough to house your Guinea Pigs if you are just using Coroplast it will need to be 6mm thick and tall enough that your Guinea Pig can’t jump out or cause serious injury to him/her self.

What bedding materials can be used on the base of the Coroplast?

This again is down to personal preference however you can use of any of the following :-

  • Fleece Blankets
  • Vet Bed
  • Newspaper & Hay