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Guinea Pig Indoor Cages are the most common cages purchased to house there new pets. Below are some Pictures of some Indoor Cages which are suitable to keep your Guinea Pig in. We have detailed below the dimensions and how many Guinea Pigs the cages can hold. Please bear in mind these are specifications which the law says the cage can hold meaning that putting more in is detrimental to the animals health.

REMEMBER To prevent your Guinea Pigs from fighting it is always best to insure that the cage you will be keeping them in is adequate in size. Overstocking a cage may lead to fighting and further complications.

  • Nero 2, Cavie 80
Cage Name Length








Accessories No Of

Guinea Pigs

Nero 2 80 50 46.5 Yes Included 1
Nero 3 100 50 46.5 Yes Included 2
Nero 4 118 64.5 47 Yes Included 3
Cavie 80 77 48 42 Yes Included 1
Rabbit 100 95 57 46 Yes Included 2
Rabbit 120 118 58.5 51.1 Yes Included 3


As you will see from the dimensions above different manufacturers cages will will have a slightly different size however the principle is the same.

Questions & Answers

Where can I buy one of these cages from?

Most Pet Shops on the high street sell these size cages and stands ready made. You can also order them on the Internet for home delivery.

What would happen if I house Two or Three Guinea Pigs in a cage what you have listed as not being suitable?

It has been proven by many people that if your cage is of an inadequate size then fighting occurs. This is not fare on the animal in any shape or form. Not only that you would be risking high vet bills when they fight as most fights lead to open wounds which will become infected leading to abscesses or worst still Death to one or more of your Guinea Pigs.

What are the average prices of these cages?

In general the pricing it roughly the same across all the retailers. The prices listed are only meant as a guide.

Nero 2 / Cavy 80 Around £40.00 – £50.00

Nero 3 / Rabbit 100 Around £60.00 – £70.00

Nero 4 / Rabbit 120 Around £75.00 – £85.00