Guinea Pig Lumps

Guinea Pig Lumps

Guinea Pig Lumps if found should be investigated by a trained veterinarian as some are more dangerous then others. I advise checking weekly for these lumps as although some could be innocent others can be dangerous or life threatening.

Skin Lumps

Lumps may be Abscesses, Fatty Limpomas, Cysts, or Tumors. Examine your Guinea Pig at least once a week for lumps, if found see a Veterinarian for evaluation.

Your Vet will complete a thorough Visual Examination. He/She may also recommend :-

  • A Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB)
  • A Wedge Biopsy (More material collected, more accuracy)
  • Surgical Removal
  • Cleaning and Installation of a drain (Abscesses)
  • Cavy-Safe Antibiotics (Abscesses)

Collected material would be examined by a microscope in-house (Depending on available equipment), sometimes to a pathologist for interpretation.

There are many different types of Lumps which can be found on any part of the body. We have separated these lumps in to individual pages to insure you do not get blown away with to much information. Follow the links below.

Where possible we have also included images these may be from any of our team members or from the public that have been happy to supply them to us.

Abscesses – See our Abscess page for more information

Cervical Lymphadenitis

Cyst – See our Sebaceous Cyst page for more information

Lipoma (Fatty Lumps) – See our Fatty Lipomas page for more information

Mammary Tumour  – See our Mammary Tumour page for more information

Thyroid Adenoma