Guinea Pig Motility Drugs

Guinea Pig Motility Drugs

Guinea Pig Motility Drugs are used to stimulate gut movement and may be prescribed by your Veterinarian if he/she feels that your guinea pig is showing signs of GI Stasis. Only ever use medicines that have been prescribed by your Veterinarian as other medicines may be toxic to your guinea pig.

There are two type of Guinea Pig Motility Drugs, one works on the Oesophagus, Stomach and the Upper GI Tract which is Metoclopramide/Emeprid(Reglan). The other works on the Lower GI Tract known as Cisapride.

Warning – If your prescribes both types of drugs there should be a Two Hour gap between both 

Anti-Diarrhoeal’sMotility DrugsGI Acid Reducers
& Protectors
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(Imodium A-D)
Cisapride (Propulsid)Ranitidine


(Intestinal Protector)
Kaolin & PectinMetoclopromide

(Reglan) (Emeprid)


(Gas Reducer)

Cisapride (Propulsid) Oral Dose 0.1-0.5ml mg/kgCisapride is a motility drug to aid movement of food through the digestive system.

This product is not available for use on humans but it is available to Veterinary Practises through two different companies in the UK.

Kaolin & Pectin Orally Administered 0.10ml every 6-8 hours as needed. It is important that the preparation only uses Kaolin and NO pain relievers or other medications.

Do Not Use Products Containing Bismuth Salicylate

Kaepectate, a very common form of Kaolin and Pectin, now contains Bismuth Salicylate and should not be used.

A vet can check the severity of the diarrhoea and determine if Antibiotic or Anti-Parasitic drug is needed.

Please be sure to check that the ingredient list does not contain Bismuth Salicylate

Lopermide Imodium A-D Orally 0.1mg/kgA veterinarian can determine how serious the diarrhoea is and if an Antibiotic or Anti-Parasitic drug is needed.
Metoclopramide (Reglan), (Emeprid) Orally 0.2-1.0mg/kgMetoclopramide and Emeprid is a motility drug which aids movement of food through the digestive system. This product is best avoided to pregnant or lactating sows due to the fact that the drug crosses placenta and in to the milk.

A possible side affect in Older or Susceptible Guinea Pigs may be Seizures.

Simethicone (Infacol) (BIRP) (Bloat Guard)Simethicone is used to relieve mild gas pressure. You must seek advise from a vet for severe gas or bloat but it can relieve moderate discomfort.
H-2 blockers or GI Acid Reducers/Protectors These medicines are used to help prevent Gastric Ulceration from Prednisone

  • Cimetidine (Tagamet) 5-10mg/kg
  • Ranitidine (Zantac) 2-5mg/kg
Bio-SpongeIs an intestinal protestant designed to help support healthy intestinal function. Bio-Sponge has substantial capacity to absorb toxins, viruses, bacteria and free radicals.

Recommended dosage is :-

  • Guinea Pigs 600-900g administer between 0.40ml & 0.60ml total daily (Split in to 2-4 feedings)
  • Guinea Pigs 950-1400g administer between 0.70ml & 1.00ml total daily (Split in to 2-4 feedings)
Guinea Pig Motility Drugs


Guinea Pig Motility Drugs


Guinea Pig Motility Drugs