Guinea Pig Penis Prolapse

Guinea Pig Penis Prolapse

Guinea Pig Penis Prolapse is one common problem that Male Guinea Pigs suffer from which is very uncomfortable indeed and if it is not dealt with can lead to cystitis and worse. It is when a penis is found to be extruding.

Nine times out of ten this is because at some point he has become sexually excited and ejaculated and the semen (smegma) has congealed around his penis and prevented it from returning back to it’s original position inside the body out of harms way.

Guinea Pigs Smegma sets like Super glue and very quickly too and this is why this problem sometime occurs. The most likely scenario is that the Boar is housed very close to a sow and becomes very excited.

If this has occurred and not noticed by the owner quite quickly it could be seen to be inflamed and red raw. If it has been in this position for sometime it will have Hard Scabs on the tip and will be very pusy. It is usually detected before this is the Guinea Pig is living indoors for it will squeak in pain and lift it’s bottom high when it passes urine for the smegma can restrict the flow of urine when the foreskin is clamped around the penis.


To treat this problem wash thoroughly in warm soapy water, then extrude the penis fully. The ring of Smegma is usually very easy to see and has to be broken off is there is nothing you can buy from your local Pet Shop that would act like a solvent to break it down.

Needless to say this is a delicate operation which I am sure you would understand.

This will be a four handed job, with someone holding the Guinea Pig firmly and still while the other person breaks the ring of Smegma with the finger & thumb of both hands. Once this has been completed rubbing a little lubricant on the shaft of the penis will allow it to slip back naturally which will give great relief to your Guinea Pig.