Guinea Pig Sexing

Guinea Pig Sexing

Guinea Pig Sexing seems to be worlds worse issue for people not being able to do. If you are unsure on how to sex your guinea pig then please speak to your veterinarian before placing it in a cage with another guinea pig to prevent unexpected pregnancies.

Some pet stores are notorious for sending home two “same sex” guinea pigs that any thing but. It’s always best to check yourself or have a vet check for you. Should you find that you have a Male and Female then you must separate them immediately whether you suspect the female is pregnant or not.

Boars (Male)

guinea pig sexing boar

Boar (Male)

Are generally larger then Females have smaller nipples then females and when sexually mature have clearly visible scrotal pouches. Gently pressing on the belly near the genitals will allow the penis to emerge.



Sows (Female)

Guinea Pig Sexing Sow

Sow (Female)

Have a Y shaped opening which is usually sealed with a Vaginal Plug unless they are in Estrus (time when Male will breed)



Pups (Young Pups)

Can be difficult to sex. Waiting two to three weeks of age may allow the Guinea Pig to Mature enough to make determination easier.

Small Young Boars have small donut shaped rectum, totally round or slightly oval and at the top of this donut a little dot sometime described as an “i”. Some people say they can feel the ridge of the penis under the skin just above the genitals.

Small Young Sows will be easy tell as they have the same features as a Mature Male although some females have been found to have what has been described as a “pimple” which may be described as the dot described above.

Gentle pressure above the rectum will show which sex your Guinea Pig is as Males will generally show there penis when gentle pressure as been placed on there belly area.