Guinea Pig Toys

Guinea Pig Toys

Guinea Pig Toys provide hours of fun and enjoyment for your guinea pig, what’s more it also insures they chew and grind there teeth down to prevent dental malocclusion.

Try introducing different things in to their cage and on the floor at play time. You will be surprised the most simplest little toy can make a big difference. I have included some images below of the sort of toys that your Guinea Pig can play with to keep them occupied whilst they are in there cage and on the floor.

REMEMBER A Bored Pig is a Sad Pig

Cosies, cabins, beds, and tunnels make cages and floor time fun to explore, provide a comfy place to sleep, and make cleaning easier. Soft hayracks are the safest way help keep hay under control (wire hay racks can be dangerous – Read My Story At The Bottom of the page)

Willow Sticks

These can be separated from the bunch and placed in their cage to be played with and chewed on. Can be purchased at a very cheap cost and provide hours on fun.
Bark Sticks

These can be placed in their cage to be played with and chewed on. Can be purchased at a very cheap cost and provide hours on fun.
Bark Wood
Wood Huts
These can be built quite easily and provided as a House to sleep in either in the cage or somewhere to go when they are out on the floor. Hours of fun.
Willow Balls
Can be placed on the floor for Guinea Pig to Roll and Chew. Provides hours of fun and can be purchased at most pet shops.
Wooden House
Wooden Arches (Play Sticks)
Another great place for your Guinea Pig to take shelter or have an afternoon nap. Very Good chewing toy and can be purchased at a reasonable cost.
Play Stick Arches

Precious’s Storyguinea pig toys

When Precious was a baby she had had this terrible habit of Jumping in to there Metal Hay Manger to stop her terrible brothers from eating her hay. She would sit there chomping away at the hay for hours at a time, gradually moving lower and lower in to her Manger. At the time she seemed ok until one morning we per her on the Bedroom floor for her playtime when we noticed she was limping on her back leg. We rushed her to our Cavy Savy Vet. The vet x-rayed her back limbs only to find there was a break on her leg. The Vet gave us Pain Med’s to administer and they advised us to put her in a smaller cage to restrict movement for around 4-5 weeks.

We took Precious back to the Vets at week 7 where another x-ray was performed. The break had mended but we were told by the Vet she may have problems with her bad leg later on in life. I can honestly say the day we got home after finding out about her broken leg all Metal Mangers were removed from all of our cages. There was nothing else in the cage that could have caused the break so we concluded that while eating her hay inside the manger she tried to jump out of the manger but her leg got it caught in the manger which caused the break.

See this image of Precious’s brother (Smudge) in the Hay Manger prior to her broken leg.