Guinea Pig Vet London

Guinea Pig Vet London

Welcome to our Guinea Pig Vet London Page. Below is a list of Veterinarians who specialise in the treatment of Guinea Pig Conditions. At the time this page was published the information below was correct.  If you contact any of the Vets on these pages and find any information incorrect please drop us an email using the contact us button above and we will correct the information promptly.

If there are any vets you feel should be listed on one of these pages please complete the Veterinary Additions Page which can be found here and we will contact the Veterinary Practise and once they have authorised us to add there details we will then publish them on the relevant page.

Veterinarians Name(s)Matthew Fiddes
Allan Muir
Surgery AddressCJ Hall Veterinary Surgery
15 Temple Sheen Road
East Sheen
London, SW14 7PY
Telephone Number(0208) 876 9696
Website Address

Veterinarians Name(s)Cerdic Grimbly
Holly Swaby
Michelle Connolly
Brian Stenson
William H Wildgoose
Surgery AddressMidland Veterinary Surgery
655 High Road
London, E10 6RA
Telephone Number(0208) 539 3538
Website Address

Veterinarians Name(s)Isabella Skladnev
Surgery AddressBarrier Animal Care Clinic
Eastmoor Place
London, SE7 8LP
Telephone Number(0208) 293 6580
Website Address