Guinea Pig Weighing

Guinea Pig Weighing

Guinea Pig Weighing Pig is important for so many reasons, for which I will explain in the following sections. One of the important reasons is to insure your Guinea Pig is healthy. A Guinea Pig loosing weight is not a good sign and if ignored will lead to death of your loved pet.

A Guinea Pigs weight can fluctuate depending on the time of day that the weight is checked. I always recommend checking the weight first thing in the morning before breakfast (whether Hay, Vegetables and Nuggets). I would then perform this weight check the same time every time.

As a guide to how much weight can be lost I have given a colour alert key below. This is meant as a guide only, if you have any concerns then please raise this with your Vet as soon as possible.

  • Up to 30g is ok (this could be the weight of a full bladder)
  • 35g-70g Amber Alert (Weigh your Guinea Pig daily and monitor eating habits)
  • Anything over 70g Red Alert (Seek Veterinary Attention Immediately.

Common Causes Of Weight Loss

There are many possible causes for weight loss and the list I have provided below is not a complete list.

  • Bullying From another cage mate.
  • Teeth Malocclusion
  • Gastric Stasis (Bloat)
  • Diarrhoea
  • Generalised Pain.

How much should your Guinea Pig Weight

Every Guinea Pig will weigh differently however veterinary literature states that the average weight should be around the following :-

  • 900g-1200g for Males (Boars)
  • 700g-900g for Females (Sows)

These weights of course vary Guinea Pig to Guinea Pig and this is because of there bone structure and body mass.

What kind of scales should I use Digital or Analogue?

Any scales will do really, however my personal favourite is Digital Scales. This is because Digital Scales will give you the weight to the nearest gram, where as Analogue doesn’t. At least this way you can monitor the weight loss more closely.

What can I record my Guinea Pigs Weight On?

Us here at guineapig-info have designed a form which you can download and print to record any weights. What’s more if your Guinea Pig undergoing treatment there are some other forms you can print to record the Medicine, Weights and your Personal Observations on. They can follow these links below or use the Drugs and Guide Navigation bar above.


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