Guinea Pig Worming

Guinea Pig Worming

Guinea Pig Worming in my view is something that should be done every three months and as a responsible owner we should be ensuring its done. When speaking to many Veterinarians I have been told many things and the answer is always the same “Guinea Pigs Don’t Need Worming!”. You as an owner should ask the question “Why does my Guinea Pig not need worming?”

So why should I worm my Guinea Pig?

In this world there are many microscopic parasites that can enter your Guinea Pigs body through the mouth when eating its food. Granted Nuggets/Muesli type food should not get contaminated if they are made in sterile conditions and stored in appropriate conditions but what about other food they eat?. Lets have a look at this in great detail :-

Fruit and Vegetables

Your Guinea Pig’s favourite meal of the day which will contain more bacteria and spores then you know. Most Fruit and Vegetables are grown in the ground and are surrounded by lots of different contamination possibilities. Here are just a few of them :-

  • Wild Animals (Rabbits, Foxes, Badgers and Many More) all do the same as your Guinea Pig. They Urinate and Defecate where they are able. Wild Animals are not wormed therefore can contaminate our foods leaving us and our pets open in infection.
  • Flying Birds (Pigeons, Sparrows, Magpies and Many More) do the same as wild animals Urinating and Defecating where ever they need to.

Before feeding your Guinea Pig with any Fruit and Vegetables ensure you wash them well under running water rubbing any excessive dirt and grit of them reducing the risk of infection.


Hay is another common source of contamination as this is also grown in fields where the same animals have free access to and are able to urinate and defecate on hay growing.

Symptoms Of Parasite Infection

There are many symptoms of a parasitical infection, here are a few main signs and symptoms :-

Questions and Answers

Q) My Vet will not prescribe worming treatment, What can I do?

A) You can ask the Vets Receptionist to speak to the Practise Manager to raise a complaint about the vet in question. You as the owner have every right to worming treatment for your pet.

Q) How often should I worm my Guinea Pig?

A) I recommend worming your Guinea Pigs every three months.

Q) Can you overdose on worming medication?

A) The simple answer to this question is yes you can. Speak to your Veterinarian or RHA (Rodent Health Advisor) before giving any worming treatment to ensure the correct dose is given based on its weight.

Q) What does worming my Guinea Pig protect it from?

A) Worming your Guinea Pig protects it from :-

  • Roundworm
  • Tapeworm
  • Nasal Bots
  • Liver Flukes
  • Lung Worm